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As Children Blossom
Pediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy Center
As Children Blossom Therapy Center offers quality early intervention services for children. We focus on providing
individualized speech-language and occupational therapy in naturalistic settings such as our clinic and children's
homes. We utilize proven, play-based methods to encourage children to develop cognitively, socially, and
emotionally. Our holistic, whole-child approach to early intervention and childhood treatment of speech, motor,
social, and cognitive delays has made us one of the most sought-after clinics for the treatment of autism and other
childhood developmental conditions in the South Bay Area.

services include small play-based skills groups, evaluation, consultation, and parent-education. We provide
individualized services based on the child's needs. We believe in a strong, team-oriented approach that includes the
child's caregivers, doctors, teachers, and other professionals.

As Children Blossom's Sprouts
school preparation group and our Blossoms and Branching social play groups all use
our team-oriented, play-based approach. All classes are led by speech
-language pathologists and occupational
therapists and focus on
communication and social, cognitive, and motor skills. Our experience shows that children
in groups help each other develop in their areas of need by showing each other their individual strengths.

As Children Blossom is an autism-spectrum services contractor-provider for Kaiser Permanente/Easter Seals, a
registered non-public agency, and an Early Start provider for San Andreas Regional Center.