As Children Blossom is one of the South Bay Area's leading pediatric clinics for
early intervention and the treatment of autism and childhood developmental
delays. Located in downtown Campbell, ACB provides individual and group
treatment, assessments, and consultations by licensed speech-language

and occupational therapists.

We specialize in working with children with:
  •        Autism spectrum disorder
  •        Auditory/language processing disorders
  •        Articulation disorders
  •        Feeding
  •        Social, communication, cognitive, and motor delays
  •        Behavioral or mental health complexities (e.g. ADHD, OCD, etc.)

    SPROUTS Groups are now open for enrollment! Slots are limited! Contact Jodi or Lisa to inquire about
    enrolling your child. Call today: (408) 866-4700

    Our Amazing Flowers sessions are now open for enrollment! Designed exclusively for girls, this class focuses
    on social, motor, and sensory skill development. Contact Jodi to enroll today!

    We are always interested in interviewing peer models. Becoming a peer model offers a fun and unique
    opportunity to further your child's skills while helping children of differing abilities.

    Please contact us or visit our services or classes pages to learn more.
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As Children Blossom
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